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Gazebo Set up

Vegan & Veggie

Street Food

Curries, Burgers and More..


Somewhere in Brum

30, Mary Ann Street

Birmingham B3 1RL

Monday- Saturday , 12pm - 10pm

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Mouth Watering already?

Notty Bites - Menu July 17th 2022-61.jpg

Notty Bites Started our journey in June 2021. With some borrowed equipment, a friend's kitchen to prep but a whole lotta passion.

Since then, we have created waves in the Street food scene of the midlands. We serve a 100% Veggie and Vegan menu with our expertise of Indian cuisine and our love for continental food. Each of our dishes is unique and a fusion of flavours from all over the world.

Come and check it out for yourself


Who We Are
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Interested in Our Special Catering Services? 

Be it a Wedding, Birthday or any other occasion, we will make it special for you!

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